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EMAIL: The best way to get a hold of us is by email:
The more information you can give us, the better and faster we will be able to assist you.
It is extremely helpful if you include information like: the year, make and model of the machine or a Part Number plus a brief description or reason why you are contacting us.
We try to respond to all emails within 24 to 48 hours.
Emails that just say something like "I need parts" or "call me at (920) 555-1212" will be ignored.

PHONE: The number to the shop is 320*310*0568 - It is a landline telephone number. YOU CAN'T SEND A TEXT MESSAGE TO IT!
You can call if you want to, but we may be outside or it could be too loud or busy for us to talk on the phone.
If you leave a message, please include:
- YOUR NAME - Who are you?
- YOUR PHONE NUMBER - What number should we call you back at? (Our phones do not have Caller ID).
- A GOOD TIME TO CALL YOU BACK - What time of day would you like us to call you back at?
- A BRIEF MESSAGE - Why are you calling? How can we help you? What do you need?
Please be patient because we may not be able to listen to your message for several hours or until the next morning. We do check emails all day long. So, if you need immediate attention, do not call us... send us an email instead!

DO NOT CONTACT US THRU EBAY MESSAGES! - those messages usually take several hours to reach us, they are often mistaken for SPAM/JUNK and many times eBay will censor them or completely block them from reaching us at all.
So please, do us both a favor and just send an email directly to us at: or call us on the phone.

RHI PowerSports specializes in selling new and used snowmobile parts in Hutchinson, Minnesota. RHI PowerSports has a huge inventory of over 5,000 original, stock, OEM and aftermarket parts, accessories and performance items on hand. We offer quality replacement and spare parts at a great price so you can fix your machine quickly and within budget. RHI PowerSports also sells some new and used ATV parts, Dirtbike parts, Motorcycle parts and Personal Watercraft (PWC) parts as well as complete machines.

Searching for quality snowmobile parts online with fast shipping is easy on the website. We ship parts daily all over the United States, Canada and Worldwide. We also offer local pickup and are available 7 days a week for used and new snowmobile parts in Hutchinson, MN 55350.

Best Customer Service
The RHI PowerSports team is dedicated to serving you honestly, quickly and fairly. Our reputation is solid! Whether for snowmobile, ATV, dirtbike, or personal watercraft (PWC), we pride ourselves on giving our customers accurate and meaningful information about our spare parts and replacement parts to help you get your machine up and running quickly, hassle free and at affordable prices.

RHI PowerSports is a veteran owned and operated business. - SEMPER FI!
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